2 Unconventional, Fun Places to Hold a Party

Whether planning a party full of kids for your little one or celebrating a milestone occasion for just adults, there are only so many times you can hold a party at home or your favorite restaurant before you start getting bored. If you want to put together a truly memorable event, think outside of the box. Plan your next party in a one-of-a-kind location.

On a Boat

Look into boat rentals that have enough space for your entire guest list. Get some fresh air, go fishing together or simply enjoy a picnic and cocktails on the deck of a boat. You don’t have to be a boat owner to have a swanky soiree oceanside, nor do you have to be stuck in your backyard with a clown for every kid’s birthday. You might even go swimming or jet skiing if the water’s a good temperature.

A Campground

Accessorize your ATV and meet your guests in the great outdoors for a beautiful evening under the stars or a day full of nature walks, fishing and playing sports. Meeting at a campground gives you more space than the typical venue and allows you to enjoy the great outdoors. You can even bring an RV and offer the comforts of indoors for guests who’d like a break from outhouses and humidity.

Organize a party you’ll never forget on the deck of a boat or the shores of a lake in a campground. These casual environments encourage people to get to know each other better.